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Drive with Aride & Keep more in your pocket.

Why drive with Aride Rideshare?

Unlike Uber, with Aride Rideshare you can accept payments in cash. You can also select to accept rideshare payments with cash only. Given how many people (up to 60%) like to pay for their rideshare in cash, this could translate into more tips for you.

With Aride Rideshare, you can also accept rideshare payments via a mobile EFTPOST terminal.

Another good reason to drive with Aride Rideshare is at 23%, the commission rate is lower than Uber. This means more take home pay for you!

Low service fee 23%


Low Commission 
Keep 77% of your fare & Take home more pay each day.


Daily Payments 
No more waiting for your hard earned money


24/7 Support
Our friendly team is here for you, ready assist with anything.

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